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Energy Efficiency Consultation

Light Emitting Diodes

LED Relighting is a renovation process in which current lamps and, if necessary, also fixtures, are replaced by LED lights or other alternatives. This procedure allows for a decrease of 50% to 70% in electricity consumption. Modern LED lighting provides a better quality of light and results in lower electricity costs and Energy Efficiency Consultation. Any place that uses lights (of any form) will benefit from ditching their conventional lighting and adopting LED lights, whether it is an office, Hospital, warehouse or Retail Malls.

We start by doing a professional energy consumption audit to understand the current usage and further suggest options that give maximum 'Return On Investment' in least amount of time as well as not change the aesthetics of the area.

As an independent Energy Efficient consultancy, our main objective is to provide technology driven LED lighting solutions to commercial establishments such as educational institutions, offices and hospitals in both project and retrofitting stages. 


Allow us to add value to your business by reducing your lighting cost and march towards incremental savings right from the word ‘GO’...

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