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Behind The Business

Karan Singh, an alumni of University of California Extn, Irvine in Business Administration, has worked in Germany and California in a career spanning over 22 years before returning to India to focus on Energy Ecosystems.

He's also worked in the real estate industry, developed R&D for energy friendly LED lighting - especially in the hotel industry, evaluated potential Residential & Commercial projects, and spearheaded various Debt & Equity placements in California.

He believes passionately that innovation and technology can be used to make our cities cleaner for the generations to follow. and has traveled far and wide to study aspects of the energy paradigm.

Long distances running and practicing yoga are his favourite hobbies.



Steve Szymanski

Steve Szymanski is an advisor for electric power and renewable energy projects, specialising in independent power producer (IPP) transaction structuring, development and negotiation of the key project agreements. 

He has more than 39 years of experience in the international power generation and  services sectors, including project development and project management. In his vast spanning career he has performed various roles on projects in 24 countries on six continents including India. He has experience in many power generation technologies including gas turbines, combined cycle, cogeneration, coal fired, biofuels, solar photovoltaic, heavy fuel and diesel/gas reciprocating gensets.

Steve holds a BS degree in Management from Bentley College, Massachusetts and serves on the Advisory Board for PowerGen Asia; is on the board of the Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance and has co-authored several papers for power industry events. 

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